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i'm a wanderer, i have no place or time
i'm just drifting, i'm just drifting...
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1st-Jan-2013 12:00 am -

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2nd-May-2011 01:20 am - [f.013] Wherein things go wrong.
This is an odd entry for me to start out, because I just feel so very blah that I don't know where to take it.

It all started at a party last night...Collapse )

I actually feel a bit better for having written this out. I guess that now that I've gone "OH GODS, INTERNETS, I HAVE YOU AND I MISSED YOU SO MUCH /RUBS FACE AGAINST", I'll get to studying for that 8am exam like I'm supposed to...
24th-Mar-2011 07:05 am - [771] An excursion.
treasured; ame&del; uhhh what idkidk
So, Tuesday night Mike asked me if I would take him to Gamestop to pick up Dissidia. At first I was reluctant, because it was already past eight and I had work to do, but eventually I decided that okay, fine, I would.

This turned out to be the best idea ever.

You actually get this story in prose format, because it is seriously just that funny. Within: Mike goes to Gamestop. There are snarky store clerks, lots of bantering, and way way way too much entertainment for anyone's good.Collapse )

I belatedly realized last night that the clerk's name is probably on the receipt.
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